Work With Us

First 184 service Huddersfield-Oldham

Filming and Photography

What you need to know about taking photographs, videos, vox-pops and other editorial or promotional visual content on First Bus property.

LeedsCity service in Leeds centre

Commercial Opportunities

For advertisers looking to make a bold, unmissable statement, buses offer a variety of highly creative large format opportunities that are seen by thousands every day. From covering a whole bus to wrapping the sides or rear to smaller format opportunities inside the bus, buses have fantastic scope for eye-catching design.

L R Paul Matthews, Simon Carlisle, Engineering Director and Tom Bridge, Operations Director

Spokespeople and Experts

First Bus employees who are official spokespeople or experts in their field, and are available for media interviews, and as speakers at events.

First York & Age UK Christmas bus1

Our Charity Work

Learn more about our charity work. 

Tracy in drivers seat group photo

Stakeholder Engagement and Consultations

Building relationships with businesses and communities across the North of England.