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First York to launch more ticket bundles to suit new travel routines

  • Targeting flexible travel over longer periods
  • ‘London-style’ Tap On Tap Off technology fitted to all buses
  • Introduction of a new Return fare
  • All Single fares frozen
  • Price rise on selected fares restricted to half rate of inflation

First York is expanding its range of flexible tickets to give customers greater choice in planning cheaper travel over longer periods and introducing Tap On Tap Off (TOTO) payment technology on its buses.

A new Return fare, currently only available to buy on the bus, will also appear alongside changes to certain prices on its City services.

The changes come into effect from Monday 10 October. Existing Flexi tickets will be replaced with newly-named Day Bundles giving customers six options available for unlimited travel in a day. These are:

3 days in 5 @ £13.50

5 days in 7 @ £16.70

6 days in 20 @ £21.70

10 days in 20 @ £37.30

12 days in 40 @ £39.80

20 days in 40 @ £65 – this replaces the 13 days in 30 product, reducing the cost per day to £3.25.

Pricing has been developed from detailed analysis of passenger and purchasing data. The addition of more products in the Day Bundle range of tickets, first introduced in January, is further aimed at encouraging more people to use the bus as travel behaviour continues to adapt following the pandemic with work and leisure patterns changing.

TOTO and tickets for flexibility

John Godfrey, Head of Marketing for First York, said: “We know that travel habits have changed significantly post-pandemic. Expanding our choice of flexible tickets will help to further meet the needs of people whose routines have altered and we firmly believe will appeal to our existing customers and attract new users.”

The TOTO contactless system guarantees customers ultimate flexibility on the fare paid. It charges for a single journey and customers who make several bus trips each day on First York services will pay the standard fare on the first day which then continues to reduce the more they travel during a week.

To use TOTO a person uses their contactless card or mobile at the ticket machine next to the driver but must ‘tap’ again on the new special card reader device when leaving the bus.

Payment technology has been installed on First York’s fleet to create ‘London-style’ Tap on Tap off ticketing across the city and outlying communities.

“The introduction of Tap On Tap Off is another important step in simplifying journeys,” added John Godfrey.

Single fares frozen and price rises restricted to half rate of inflation

Prices for the new range of five Return tickets start from £1.80 to £4.70 for the longest journeys with all giving a 10 per cent discount on the cost of two Singles. All Single fares are frozen.

Changes to existing fares include on-bus Day tickets to rise by 20p, and the 3-day and 5-day tickets by 50p and 70p respectively. A week ticket on the app rises to £18 to match the price on the bus, which is unchanged.

The price changes represent a rise of four per cent or less, under half the latest rate of inflation, except increases on certain mTickets which are still below the current level of inflation.

John Godfrey added: “Our business is not immune from the impact of inflation and rising business costs. We have looked carefully at how we can limit price increases for customers as much as possible and balance this with the challenge of maintaining a sustainable network as we build back passengers following the pandemic.

“We have also continued to ensure that the average cost per trip of making multiple journeys remains low.

“At a time when everyone is looking at how to manage rising living costs and how much they use their own transport with continued high fuel prices, the bus is an affordable and sustainable way to travel.”

The changes do not apply to student, young person, child, and Park and Ride fares.

Posters explaining the fares and new tickets will begin appearing on buses from next week (Monday 10 October).

Details of the new fares can also be found by visiting the First York website and more information about Tap on Tap Off is available at