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First Bus North & West Yorkshire

First Bus announces changes to fares for children and young people

  • New fares come into effect on Sunday 30 July
Metrodecker EV in York with Minster behind zero emission display 1080x736

First York and City of York Council announce fare change on Park and Ride

  • New fares effective from Sunday 5 February
  • Child fare frozen
  • Under 3% increase for most tickets, well below inflation
Metrodecker EV in York with Minster behind-2

First York to launch more ticket bundles to suit new travel routines

  • Targeting flexible travel over longer periods
  • ‘London-style’ Tap On Tap Off technology fitted to all buses
  • Introduction of a new Return fare
  • All Single fares frozen
  • Price rise on selected fares restricted to half rate of inflation
York 66 service

First York announces new tickets and city fare changes from Sunday 16 January

  • New range of Flexi tickets to be launched
  • Below inflation price change for most on-bus fares
Martin Hirst with TOTO reader on bus

First Bus unveils radical new fares structure across West Yorkshire

  • Introduction of 5 new fares including a discounted Return
  • ‘London-style’ Tap On Tap Off technology fitted to all buses
  • Cost of Single fares reduced
  • Choice of Flexi tickets for commuters
  • Fairer system with all tickets allowing travel anywhere in West Yorkshire